Why School ERP Software is Most Demanding Technology in Education Sector

There are numerous reasons that make School management software, the most demanding technology in education sector. Some of them are explained in this blog.

Manage every information related to students
One of the foremost qualities of school software is that it easily maintains information related to students. It tracks various information like attendance records, performance of students, homework status, assignments details and numerous others records.

Provide involvement of parents
Parents are able to become an important part of school activities that it beneficial for students as well as for schools. Therefore, this important facility is provided by school ERP software through its SMS integration module. With this software, parents are well-informed about their student’s progress as well as understand their lacking areas. They will get information related to student attendance and events happening in school like PTA meeting, sports days, annual day celebration and many others.

Help to track fees and make payment online
Money is one of the most important things that helps to run the world and schools are also getting this in the form of fees. But the question arises why do schools need an online school software to manage fees? As it helps to manage fees details of every student, generate receipts, keep information related to dues or late submissions.
On the other hand it informs parents about fees due dates as well as help them to make payments online by sitting comfortably in office and home.

An easy and effective way to manage library
Library management module of school management system will make working of school libraries easy and efficient. With this system, schools will manage details of every book; keep records of fines and dues for late submission, maintain book issue and return dates.
As level of education is increasing day-by-day. Schools, colleges and institute management software are the becoming the basic need of education sector. It helps the schools, colleges and institutes to manage their activities hassle-free and paperless.

One such software that simplifies the working of education institutes is Chalkbox. It manages various activities of schools like

  • Attendance management
  • Transport management
  • Library management
  • Fees management
  • Mark-sheet creation
  • Examination module
  • Hostel management
  • Homework management
  • News and events management
  • SMS Integration