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  • Communication State of the Art Communications System so that parents stay up to date with ease of access for administrators.
  • Attendance Everyday Hastle reduced to zero! With our robust system you can mark schools complete attendance in juts few clicks.
  • Calendar Events and Dates management made easier. With our drag - drop calendar module, managing events and dates is no more tedious.
  • Management Say GoodBye to the pain of searching through and maintaining paper bundles. Our Simple dashboard makes resource management a tension-free job on a click.
  • Mobile Application On a vacation? Not in School? Not a problem, avail all the chalkbox features via our android application and manage the school with your fingertip.

About us

We help brands educate, engage, and inspire their customers

ChalkBox is the technology startup of dynamic professionals – all hired for a specific combination of education, skills and experience that we share in common, and which should assure that all are highly successful in their positions.

We the ChalkBox, were established in 2015, a Startup with Experienced team of Professionals. Our unique abilities [strong hold on Technology, Marketing, Client relations, and Fanatic customer service] makes us an invaluable partner in the educational sector market.

ChalkBox is the first ever School Management software integrated with all the required modules of an Education institute, in one application, that too, with the most User friendly interface.

About Us

Institute Digitization Process

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  • Increase productivity

    Chalkbox help administrators of schools, college and institutes to increase their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage academic institutes.

  • Easy to access

    It is a web-based application which features a centralized storage data that help student, teachers and parents to access the data anywhere and anytime.

  • Cost Effective

    The easy to use feature of chalkbox help schools, college and institutes in proper functioning by saving their time and cut down the administrative cost.

  • Secure environment

    With data-encryption property, we provide secure environment to your data at Educate Pro.

How its Work?

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Get all the real – time information from various departments online for data-driven decision making

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Available on App Store & Google Play


Keep parents updated on day-to-day activities happening at school.Regular update on scholastic.

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Available on App Store & Google Play


More focus on efficient education delivery as mundane clerical operations are taken care by software.

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Available on App Store & Google Play


Analyze the performance in different subject over terms and years can help in focus on weak areas.

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Available on App Store

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